Installation Guidelines


1.    It is the industry standard that payment is made in full before we order your material.
2.    The lead-time will vary based on the availability of the product.
3.    We will contact you when we receive the product to set an installation date.


1.    Empty all closets, cabinets, entertainment centers, bookcases, shelves, etc.
2.    Remove all breakables from the area.
3.    Remove all electronic equipment from the area.
4.    All wet trades (e.g. Drywall, plaster) should be finished before installation.
5.    Water and Electricity must be provided in the area.
6.    If customer is doing own take-up, area must be free of debris including staples or nails.


1.    An adult with the authority to make decisions regarding your installation must be present during the installation.
2.    Installation times vary based on the size and scope of the project.
3.    Pets and children are restricted from the work area.
4.    Odors can be produced by the adhesives used for installation.
5.    Many parts of the installation process can produce dust that can infiltrate other areas of your home. We will attempt to keep dust to a minimum. 
6.    Customers need to do a final inspection and sign off on all wood installations.
7.    Because of the nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that seams will be invisible.
9.    Because of the nature of patterned carpets neither WMC Carpet & Flooring nor the manufacturer can guarantee that the product will not become skewed in large areas.

Post Installation:

1.    Touch-up painting may be necessary after the installation.
2.    Change your air filters.
3.    Refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance.