Area Rugs Care

Regular vacuuming will help rugs retain their beauty and will extend the life of the rug.

Clean food and beverage spills immediately by removing the excess material gently with a spoon and then use stain and soil remover. Use a solution of clear, non-bleach dish washing detergent (1/4 tsp detergent to 32 oz water). Gently agitate the pile and blot with white paper towels until no transfer of the spill or color. Rinse by spraying with clean water and blot dry. To help the area dry faster try placing a thick stack of white paper towels on the area and then put a smooth bottomed casserole dish on top. Use a milk jug filled with water or some other heavy object in the dish. You can switch out stacks of paper towels until there is no more moisture present.

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended using the hot water extraction method. Do not dry clean your rugs and or use bleach.


How It Works

The term "steam cleaning" is really a misnomer when it comes to describing how hot water extraction works. In truth, there is little or no steam involved as a primary cleaning material. Instead, hot water and cleaning agents are propelled into your carpet pile at high pressure, where they loosen up dirt, soil, and grime. In almost the same motion a high-powered vacuum removes the hot water, and all the dirt and stains in your carpet along with it.